Tender Leaf


Welcome to the world of Tender Leaf. An award-winning, British brand that creates exciting worlds of imaginative wooden toys, that are made to last with a lifetime of love. Tender Leaf strive to continuously develop and grow their contemporary crafted collection in fresh natural colours, that are engaging, tirelessly entertaining and perfect for little hands.

At the heart of the brand is the need to design friendly toys that spark imagination, engage playful minds, inspire early learning and provoke open-ended play. While they love to be educational through play, they encourage every child to be authentic so that they can grow with confidence and have fun at the same time!

From raw wood to the finished product, every single stage of production happens in the same family-run factory. Once each toy has been hand-painted, assembled and checked, it is wrapped in paper and packaged in recycled cardboard.

Tender Leaf are deeply committed to protecting Indonesia’s natural resources and only work with reclaimed rubberwood, a by-product of the latex industry. In addition, for every reclaimed tree it uses, they plant a new one, driving ahead the cycle of regeneration. They have been awarded the ICTI Ethical Toy Program seal of approval for their ethical and sustainable supply chain.

These are toys for this generation and trees for the next. Love wood and play…

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