Kid's Concept


Founded in 2007, Kid’s Concept is a Swedish brand with a passion for creating functional and innovative products with the intent that ‘children should be children’. Designed to help simplify life with little ones and give them the opportunity to enjoy a childhood that’s both safe and fun. Their only limitation should be their imagination.

Kid’s Concept care deeply about the safety of our children as well as the planet and it’s dwindling resources and therefore safety and sustainability is key in everything they do. They are committed to ensuring a better plant for our children and our children’s children. Through their ongoing journey to creating sustainable, design-led toys, Kid’s Concept has captured the hearts of kids and parents alike all over the world.

Kids Concept has created the ‘hub’ which is a collection of toys that represents the centre of our little ones lives – their family and home, but also everything they do in their immediate surroundings. It can be a visit to the doctor or going to the grocery store on the way home from school. It’s really the world from a kid’s view. In this collection, you’ll find playful toys in miniature versions of things they can find in and around their home. Everything from a play shop and kitchen to a tool bench and doll’s bed. In their roleplay, they can get inspired by their own hub and combine that with creativity to learn about the world around them.

In a distinctly Scandinavian style, these wooden children’s toys are inspired by everyday modern living. With an appealing aesthetic, their stunning designs are as practical as they are stylish and easy to coordinate with the things that are already in your home. Combining natural textures and long term play value, they make the perfect addition to any playroom or living space.

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