Grapat, meaning ‘a handful’ was born from the concept of natural simplicity. It all began in a small, family-run workshop in Spain, where Casiana and Jordi were inspired by the natural beauty of their daughter’s free and creative play, with very few toys at her disposal. Unhindered by pre-determined ideas or games, she created worlds of her own from things she found at home or outside in nature, playing intensely for many happy hours.

They realised that when children are given the freedom to imagine, experiment and discover without rules or structure their play becomes something they take very seriously, working hard at it for hours and days, immersed in universes of their own creation. Inspired by this experience with their daughter, they set out to create their vision, a world of play that could flourish for other children in the way their daughters had.

Grapat toys exude the natural beauty of the earth. The natural qualities of the sustainably sourced wood, the sound, smell, natural dyes which let the wood veins be seen and vibrant coloured waxes and oils that slightly shine, are all an important part of the Grapat experience. Our children will explore colour, shape, design, size – working small motor skills and firing their imaginations as they go.

The whole ethos behind Grapat toys is about free play, loose parts, open and unstructured materials that transform into what children decide, and which are the expressions of their imagination. Grapat: Play without instructions, the only premise is to let children play slowly, without time limits.