For sustainable, design-led, conscious toys.

The Beginning

Make Believe Co. was born from a love for sustainable, design-led, conscious toys. It’s been a dream long in the making since our first little boy, Xavi was born in 2014 when we just couldn’t find playthings in South Africa that reflected our style.

It took our second little boy, Gray to be born in 2019 to take the leap of faith and create a beautifully curated online store that brings stylish musthaves to South Africa.

As a husband and wife duo, our background is in Buying, Marketing and Ecommerce with extensive experience in the online retail world. Collectively, we are thinkers, starters, planners, list-makers and all round do-ers.

So, from standing on toys to sourcing them… We hope you going to love our collection of toys from around the world which are safe for our children, protects Mother Earth and provides endless fun for our little ones.

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The Shop

Make Believe Co. is a family-owned business, selling premium quality toys. We always do the right thing because we care about people and our planet. We pride ourselves on being real and authentic.

We are parents too and we’ve built this store for you. Filled with a beautifully curated collection of brands that reflect your own sense of style, we’ve provided an effortless shopping experience, from the website to your door and run by a Mom and Dad, with integrity.

Thank you for choosing to buy from real people. We hope we’ll exceed your expectations with the friendliest service and toys that are only the best quality, always.