Safari Ltd


Safari Ltd® is a family-owned business who make Toys That Teach®. They create lifelike animal figurines meant to teach children about the natural world around us and encourage its conservation through the joy of play.

Mothers, educators and creators love and trust their products. Their toys encourage imaginative play in a world of screens. As devoted parents, Alexandre and Christina Pariente recognise that equipping their children with every learning tool is their primary goal. Witnessing their own children's curiosity and environmental appreciation sparked by Safari Ltd® toys makes their commitment to both you and the natural world deeply personal and profound.

Safari Ltd will always show up with 100% care and will continue to make toys that foster traditional play and spark presence and connection in our childrens’ lives.

"Every day, we feel so much genuine joy to get to do the work we do, to keep pouring love and craftsmanship into our toys so they can keep inspiring kids around the globe. That’s our promise to you."

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