Mentari Toys by Tender Leaf


Introducing Mentari Toys – where play meets purpose! Born from a spirited collaboration with the Mentari Factory in Indonesia, Founder Danielle Hanson brings you the everyday magic of eco-friendly fun. As the vivacious little sister brand to Tender Leaf Toys, Mentari embodies the same ethical trading, using sustainably sourced rubberwood to craft a range that's as timeless as it is modern.

Each toy springs to life from Danielle's imaginative sketches, brought to reality by the skilled hands at Mentari. Hand-painted, assembled and lovingly wrapped in recycled packaging, these toys are a testament to craftsmanship. With not a plastic tie in sight, Mentari is a celebration of reclaimed rubberwood – a nod to sustainability and a promise of endless play.

Rooted in a commitment to protect Indonesia’s natural resources, Mentari ensures a tree planted for every one reclaimed. Beyond borders, Mentari & Tender Leaf Toys proudly bear the ICTI Ethical Toy Program seal, embracing a supply chain that champions ethics and sustainability.

Join us in the joyous journey of Mentari Toys – where playfulness meets purpose, and every adventure is an eco-friendly delight!