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    What is a TOG rating?

    A TOG rating is an indication of the insulation of textiles. The higher the TOG rating, the higher the thermal resistance and insulation of the material.

    What is the average TOG rating for bedding in the nursery?

    0.5 TOG – room temperature: above 26 °C (only use a nappy)
    1.0 TOG – room temperature: 23-24 °C  (nappy with a sheet or nappy with romper)
    2.0 TOG – room temperature: 20-22 °C (baby blanket with sheet and romper if you like)
    2.5 TOG – room temperature: 16-19 °C  (sleeping bag, baby blanket with sheet or cover and romper if you like)

    Why are TOG ratings that important to a baby?

    Thermal stress in newborns is a scientifically proven risk of SIDS (cot death). This is why it is very important to know if they are not covered and dressed in too many layers. Many parents tend to overdo it when dressing or covering their baby. In addition to the greater risk of thermal stress, a raised temperature also causes restlessness and sleeping problems.


    It makes no difference which material you buy for the nursery. Both natural and synthetic bedding is suitable for covering and dressing a baby. If you know the TOG rating of the bedding and the room temperature, you can determine upfront if the baby is not put to bed too warmly.

    As every baby responds differently to covering and clothing, it is important to regularly check his neck and feet to see if he is still comfortable (skin should not be clammy or cold). The weight of a blanket is also important with regards to thermal stress. The heavier the blanket, the more thermal stress (and the less sleeping comfort). The TOG rating of a sheet or a duvet cover are practically the same (0.5 TOG).

    How warm is 1 TOG?

    A baby blanket has an average TOG rating of 1 to 2. An average duvet with loose filling (fibres) is approximately 8 TOG. For this reason, parents are often advised against using duvets for babies and toddlers before the age of two years.

    What is the TOG rating of safe sleep comfort for a baby?

    The TOG rating of a baby blanket or sleeping bag should be between 1 and maximum 4 TOG, provided that the child’s body temperature is between 36.5 and 37.5 °C and the room temperature is between 18 and 20 °C.

    The standard for a safe baby’s sleep comfort is 2.5 to 3 TOG at a room temperature of 18-20 °C. Do use a thin blanket or sleeping bag (+ romper) then.

    This Little Dutch sleeping bags are perfect for ensuring comfortable and safe nights for your little one. Take a look at our collection here.

    We’re a family owned business, selling premium quality toys from the most amazing brands, all sustainably sourced and ethically made from across the globe.

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